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Cristi Cleaning Service


Cristi Cleaning needed an updated website that would both perform well in search engines and conform to modern web devices. The result is a keyword focused, responsive website with unobtrusive JavaScript.

For SEO purposes, text is king. So to not crowd the home page's clean presentation, text with links have been added with a large top margin. Although visitors may scroll down to see the text, its purpose is to feed search engines. In addition, the home page features a randon image - random position slide show of black and white images taken from an expandable pool of images.

Except for the contact page, each page of the site supports some sort of slide show helping to illustrate the text appearing around them. With headers and sub-sections, it is hoped that focused keywords for this site will perform well.

As mentioned, the site's presentation adapts to small screen devices such as smart phones. The menu becomes a click to drop down list.

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