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Website development can seem a daunting process, at least in the beginning.  Let EJFIII Web Design's knowledge and passion enliven your understanding of the World Wide Web.

As a full service web design and development studio,  EJFIII Web Design informs the design of a website with an extensive knowledge of the programming languages used on the internet.  The proper technologies are leveraged to their maximum benefit either by themselves or in conjunction with each other.  Design and technology are considered together to better support the mission of the website.

Your website files are specifically composed in standards compliant code using nothing more than a simple text editor.  This is true for xHTML, CSS, JavaScript [client-side scripting language] and PHP [server-side scripting language] alike allowing for much more control over the site's appearance and reducing unnecessary code weight.  Many WYSIWYG [What You See Is What You Get] editors like Dreamweaver do not require a knowledge of the coding languages that will ultimately be uploaded to the internet - you get what you see!  Websites are much more than what meets the eye.

Web Design & Proposal

PhotoShop is usually the tool most used in the design phase of any web development project.  Certainly for the initial design mockups and such.  Once the design is reached, images and graphics are optimized for use online.

For most web projects, a fixed cost proposal is devised.  This approach eliminates surprises.  EJFIII Web Design takes the time up front to understand the scope of the project, the technology used and the time involved to compose a Letter of Agreement outlining the project.  Of course, a scope expansion can always be agreed since, as with the internet, nothing is in stone.

Web Development

With some feedback, designs are adjusted and the code is created using minimally xHTML, Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript.  AJAX and jQuery may be included if deemed beneficial.

A custom CMS (Content Management System) can be deployed allowing clients to update their own information appearing online.  EJFIII Web Design will code the interface and execution in PHP and MySQL providing an easy and intuitive control console.  Otherwise, for clients who will not be updating often,  a static solution  requiring manual updates as needed may be deployed - hourly rates apply.

Web Site Implementation

Launching websites minimally requires a Domain Name registration and web hosting space.  Should you need either of these, please visit ‘Domain Name & Hosting' under the SERVICES tab above for assistance.  Once in place, EJFIII Web Design will log on and ensure the right server configuration to support your site(s).

In addition to site files and functions created by EJFIII Web Design, today's internet offers many off-the-shelf  services such as Mailing List Managers to Blogging software.  Themed as the website design, EJFIII Web Design will incorporate these services into your website to maintain a seamless transition between each.

Web Site Development

From initial PhotoShop mockups to site launch, EJFIII Web Design is a full service web development studio.