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Pronunciation Guide  to perform or supply with something needed or desired

Precisely targeted announcements are the perfect reason for eLetters.  Whether it's an invitation to an event, new product launch or just an update on your activities, a personalized email works wonders. 

Depending on your purpose, various approaches can be used:

  • ePostcards: for specific, nonrecurring announcements
    These offer the most appeal online to a partially unknown audience as they usually have a highly focused and short message with an appealing image.

  • eLetters: for casual, irregular announcements to a known audience
    With expanded text and multiple images, this offers a great way to stay in the forefront of your recipient's minds.

  • eNewsletters: regular emails with an online component
    These are usually accessible from a website and sometimes offer an archive of past issues.  Blogs and RSS feeds are replacing this function today.

Working with your Email Managing Service, EJFIII Web Design will compose an email blast with a low spam rating to ensure the most arrivals.  Also, incorporating coding techniques that will allow for ‘click' tracking can help discern the responses of recipients to better cater your audience in the future.

Email programs are generally not as sophisticated as web browsers.  This is particularly true of online email readers such a Gmail, Hotmail and AOL.  EJFIII Web Design uses standardized HTML 4.0 with inline styles to accomplish a widely accessible email campaign.

EJFIII Web Design also offers dynamic content emails where a design is set but the content is updated for each iteration.  This is particularly suited for eNewsletters but can be applied to many other purposes such as in response to user activity on the website.


EJFIII Web Design creates graphic rich, targeted email campaigns with low spam ratings to ensure your message reaches the most in-boxes.

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