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Pronunciation Guide  to perform or supply with something needed or desired

Digital is not only for video or online experiences.  Continuing your online presence into postcards, brochures or print advertisements has never been easier.  Instead of four color transparency, CYMK PDF/X-1a computer files are preferred by print magazines while PhotoShop or Illustrator files are preferred by printing companies.

The basic difference is a matter of dot density.  Generally, computer screens can only see 72 dots per inch (some now at 96 dpi) while a minimal dot density for print is 300 per inch.


Many websites offer industry related advertising space on their pages. This space is usually a set size for banners, skyscrapers and various rectangular shapes. Beyond serving up static images, many sites will allow FLASH advertisements to dynamically present your message. Usually, clicking on the banner will direct the user to your website.


DVD videos highlighting your services and products may prove much more appealing than simply presenting your website at trade shows or in your showroom.  EJFIII Web Design offers slide show video production for DVD or online distribution.

Placing original videos or digitizing existing videos online can greatly increase your search engine relevance for a subject and establish you as an expert or, more importantly, a destination.  Online services are available where you can create your own channel.


Carry your online identity into print.  From postcards to magazine advertisements, EJFIII Web Design offers the full package.


DVD slide shows to YouTube videos and online FLASH banner ads, inquire today about the many possibilities from EJFIII Web Design.