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Couture Showrooms


Within each factory grouping on this site, navigation is evident with thumbnails and boxed links.  However, to move between factory groupings, one must click upon a tab causing it to expand revealing the menu.  When the menu is open, the screen is darkened.  On the home page, attention is drawn to the tab by having it bounce.

This approach has allowed a very minimal and clean site design.  For those who do not JavaScript active, the tab will link to a site map.

Translucent image layering is used to define the site's style.  Even when vertical images need to fill a horizontal space.

The showroom allows their clients to request fabric or leather samples online.  A system was created where a visitor may submit their request via a form.  An HTML email is sent to the showroom containing images of the requested swatches along with an address.  If provided, another email is sent to the client's e-address also containing images of the requested swatches.

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